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read the installation instructions. there was a glitch with the installer.

Hope you enjoy this game, it's really short. I want to release this and see if people actually like it. If so, I will continue it because I left it on a cliffhanger. Whats the point of doing the work for the rest of the game if no one plays it?

Published Oct 08, 2016
Tags8-bit, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions

There was a glitch with the installer, so you have to do some additional things to play. Sorry:

1. Download the installer and keep clicking next.

2. After installing the game, make a folder.
3. Open the file location of the folder you installed. Rename the folder to "Mr Science Guy_Data"
4. Go into this folder and drag The .exe file into the folder you just made.
5. Drag Mr Science Guy_Data into that folder too.


Mr Science Guy.exe 36 MB
Mr. Science Guy Trailer.mov 68 MB

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